Where are we going?

To reach individuals with the transforming power of Jesus

Through teaching and encouragement bringing us to a deeper knowledge and understanding of God in our own lives, the Church community and the surrounding community. That the body of Christ here would grow in the fruit of the spirit and move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.That each member would feel valued and cared for by adequate pastoral care. That members would be encouraged to maintain their spiritual walk with God through, study, prayer, fasting and communion. That each member would find encouragement from leadership to develop and find their gifting or ministry.

To reach and maintain family life.

Through caring and sharing with one another. Through fellowship and meeting regularly. Caring for parents, children and other family members according to scripture. Teaching those less mature than ourselves so we all grow into mature disciples in Christ.            

To reach out to the community of Jacksdale.

Through regular outreach events and personal evangelism. Through intercessory and ‘contending’ prayer for the area. By helping out in the community where and when possible. By involving the Church with community programs and the local school.

To reach the wider world by

Giving and supporting mission work.Encouraging missionaries to share their lives with us.