Sermons 2018

Chris Ibbs on the marriage at Cana


Yan Hadley listening to God


Phil Renshaw 'message on Peter'


Chris Ibbs ' the marriage at Cana part 2'


Craig Stephenson the flickering flame


Keith Baker  'The first disciples'


Jan Macfarlane 'To live is Christ'


Matthew Quinn 'Compasssion'


Ryan Clarke 'People need the Lord'


Phil Renshaw   'Easter Sunday Message'


Russ Clarke 'Feeding the five thousand'


Phil Renshaw   Job's wife


Keith Baker 'Can God do it again?'


Darren Clarke  'Gospel message'


Matthew Quinn  'Depression'


Winston Andrew 'Prophecy part 1'


Winston Andrew 'Prophecy part 2'


Phil Renshaw God can use you


Chris Ibbs   The marriage at Cana


Phil Renshaw The keys sermon


Bill Partington Vision for your life


Matthew Quinn message on Gideon


Winston Andrew the end times


Phil Renshaw  Be courageous


Chris Ibbs sermon on the mount


Winston Andrews 'The rapture'


Winston Andrew  'Babes in Christ'


Winston Andrew 'The rapture no 2'


Phil Renshaw  Message on Corinthians


Matthew Quinn  The Holy Spirit


Phil Renshaw  God breaks us


Richard Williams 'David and Goliath'


Ryan Clarke 'David and Goliath


Jan Macfarlane  Psalm 23 an introduction


Jan Macfarlane Psalm 23 part 2


Craig Clarke the wise and foolish builders


Theresa Partington Her word for today


Winston Andrews the antichrist


Yan Hadley 'Suffering'


Paul Macfarlane Psalm 23 verse 2 all about sheep


Richard Williams on advent


Winston Andrews the antichrist part 2


Richard Williams on Vision